Ascari Falegnami is the company that every technician looks for. Based on the experience of a lifetime dedicated to precise and meticulous carpentry work, over the years it has been enriched by the energy, intelligence and skill of the new generation. The combination of experience and creativity is driving this company towards excellence.

Francesca Abbati
Architect, Bologna

Filippo Ascari is skilled, capable, punctual and honest. Without a doubt an excellent craftsman who I would recommend to anyone looking for high quality wood products.

Riccardo Tafà
MD at RTR Sports Marketing, Bologna

I have known Ascari Falegnami for over 15 years. Working with them has made it possible for me to see all my dreams come true in terms of bespoke furniture. From design to construction, materials and assembly they are always impeccable, fast and priced just right. For me they are irreplaceable partners!

Monica Mattioli
Designer, New Open, Modena

We have already had several ‘bespoke furniture’ jobs done by Ascari Carpentry workshop in Nonantola and the results have been excellent.
The custom-made furniture was built and assembled with skill, care and attention, following the executive drawings provided and delivering on schedule.
Another very important aspect is the professionalism and cordiality shown both with us designers and with the customer. The quality/price ratio is correct and honest.
Given the excellent results we will continue to work with the Ascari Carpentry workshop

Aldo Greco
Architect, Modena

I have used Ascari Carpentry workshop more than once for different types of work, from custom furniture to the construction of customised objects, for maintenance and restoration.
Every time I found great professionalism in the execution of the work and willingness to satisfy the needs of the customer even when it was not their job.
From the point of view of a professional having to manage a building site, these are people who can solve problems and not create them, and this is a very important quality for a supplier to have.
Furthermore, their structure – both from an organisational and production point of view – is able to deal with different types of work in terms of size and quality, without ever delivering late as they are always very precise and punctual.
Personally, I have always been satisfied, and, more importantly, my customers and theirs have been as well

Marco Messori